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v0.2 "Switchboard"

v0.3 "Zombie"
[due ~September 2004]


Screenshots from AXIS versions 0.0 to 0.1

~ v0.1 - August 21, 2003

This is pretty much what will be included in the milestone v0.1 release. The last discernable bug was squashed today.

Getting Closer to v0.1 - August 15, 2003

A lot of new things in this shot: An updated Panel with the Pod View sub screen active, the ability to add/delete pods of any axis to the map for testing (which means that map clicks now works), pod numbers (number of shapes contained) active, better block tile graphics, active Turn Manager (NEXT TURN button now works), and no apparent bugs! Version 0.1 is getting very, very close now.

Introducing "The Panel" - August 11, 2003

This latest shot shows a reconjiggered working version of The Panel, the main interface to the map screen. Most of your button-pressing time will be spent on here. The Panel has several sub-screens that can be flipped between. Here, there are 4 in development and 2 blanks. This shot also shows off the alternative 64-pixel tileset. Previous screenshots had The Panel too, but only as a static, one-screen object. The new Panel is far more dynamic with a working variety of Panel modules. Pictured here: Mission Counter (keeps track of who is doing what on your axis), and the Selected Tile module with "Fluffy" in the spotlight.

Even More Blotchmaker - August 6, 2003

The more or less finalized blotchmaker screen, although several of the buttons do nothing. However, all the necessary map generation features are in place here. The missing features are just nice "fluff" that will be put in later.

Blotchmaker 2.5.15 - August 3, 2003

This is the first version of the new BlotchMaker with a pretty ParaGUI face to it. In this shot, brush and obstacle types have not been implemented, so the maps it makes are kind of ho-hum, but by golly, it works!

Improved MiniMap & Dust Trails - July 31, 2003

The landmark "Snapshot 18". Here's Advanced Football again, sporting a cool new minimap in the corner with a bounds box which shows which portion of the screen you are on. It also shows off road quality. You can see the pods got into a chase-n-scuffle in this shot towards the center area. At this point, AXIS is starting to look polished, even though the internals are complex with many disconnected wires.

Map Screen With Minimap - July 29, 2003

The map screen with the new minimap widget.

Startup Page - July 24, 2003

This is the startup page in all its first-draft glory. Not too bad, really. As you can see by the dates, progress is moving swiftly now.

Advanced Football Meets ParaGUI- July 20, 2003

Here's "Advanced Football", a pathfinding demo, with it's new SDL / ParaGUI graphical frontend.

Advanced Football Meets SDL - July 7, 2003

As Scorpion gracefully exits the project, leiavoia decides to take on the graphics end of the project. This is "Advanced Football" with a simple SDL frontend, animated.

Blotchmaker GUI Live - April 18, 2003

After the blotchmaker mockup, Scorpion took a stab at getting ParaGUI to use the blotchmaker interface - with some success even!

Blotchmaker GUI Mockup - April 12, 2003

A GIMP mockup of the blotchmaker screen, our first screen slated for programming.

First Live Code, Map Screen - March 28, 2003

The first screen attempt. Scorpion's version of the map screen using a pre-made GUI toolkit. Features included, scroll, zoom, and pod selection.

First Mockup (Ever) - March 18, 2003

A GIMP rendition of what the game might look like.

Combat Mockup - March 8, 2003

A rough outline of what combat is supposed to look like. Created with the GIMP.

Shape Design - Early March, 2003

We needed some cool shape models to use in the website and also to make game mockups. In the future, we will probably use these same models, created in Blender 2.26, for actual game graphics.

The AXIS Logo - March 2, 2003

After leiavoia's other interest, computer game Master of Orion III, died in a fiery ball of flames, interest immediately shifted to the AXIS project. Before we did anything else, we got started on the revamped project with a cool AXIS logo which the website was then built around the very same day.

First Steps - BlotchMaker - Summer, 2002

The first steps towards the new computer version of AXIS started with BlotchMaker, the map generator, as a way for leiavoia to learn C++. Most of the map generation mechanics were actually hammered out in perl, then ported to C++ as a learning exercise. BlotchMaker ran out of a terminal window with no perameters and no graphics. It was a single file compilation. Not much was done with the project for another year afterwards as attention was shifted elsewhere.

Strategellus ~1998

Before it was a computer game, it was a home-brewed boardgame mockup dubbed "Strategellus". Originally intended as a Stratego-type boardgame for fun and profit. Obviously, it didn't pan out too well and was boring as heck. The project was shelved for the next 4-5 years. To read more on the history, go here.