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[due ~September 2004]


Shape Specials

Along with the normal statistics, each shape is randomly assigned up to 2 special abilities. These abilites can have effects on the map or in combat. While most of them are in combat, there are enough map specials to make things interesting.

Each shape type has it's own probabilites for being assigned different specials and some specials are automatic. For instance: Amorph type shapes always have "Shape Shift" assigned to them. That is an instrinsic shape ability which allows Amorphs to be included in any combo by any other shape. Some shapes have no specials while others may have one or two. It depends mostly on chance when a shape is created. Dice are rolled and which specials a shape acquires are determined by looking at a chances table. Some shapes will favor attack specials. Others will favor scouting specials, while still others will wind up with defense specials more often than not.

Specials List

Here's the preliminary list of specials. These are taken right out of an older design doc and do not necessarily reflect the game in its current design.


x2 - X% chance of attacking twice in one round.

Armour Piercing - Reduction in enemy defense.

Slow - Selected enemy's speed resets to zero.

Halve - Selected enemy HP to 1/2

Kamikaze - The shape destroys itself, taking out one enemy shape as it does.

Resurrection - Revive a fallen ally

Ambush -The entire pod gets maximum speeds in combat. RARE

Freeze - Enemy sits out X rounds (varies)

Heal - Gives ally 50% max HP.

Control - Ability to control enemy if HP is less than 25% (enemy fights for your side)

Capture - Gains an enemy if HP < 10% (what if pod is full?)

Sacrifice - Shape self-annihilates, replenished ally HP to 100%

Blitz - Add +X to attack rolls for X turns

Retaliation - Gives a weak counter-attack to any attack received (50% chance?)

Disarm - Enemy can't use standard attacks

Deshield - Enemy defense goes down (zero?)

Dissolve - Unit may not use or be included in combos

Cancel - Enemy cannot use specials

Constrict - Enemy cannot use specials or combos

Armor - +X defense for X turns

Cure - Removes negative status

Hero - Can combo and attack in same round

Invisibilty - +X Opacity for X turns

Disclosure - Enemy Opacity reset to zero (or at least reduced a whole bunch)

Vision - +X Acuity for X turns

Blindness - Enemy Acuity reduced

Morph - (for amorphs only) counted as any shape for combos.


Stealth - Pod on the main map has an ultra-small visibility circle. Pod cannot be detected on the map unless you are within one or two squares

Bridge - Builds a bridge on the map over water tile.

Burn - Demolishes bridges on adjascent tiles (map tile returns to normal empty-land status).

Dig - Digs a pit tile on the map.

Fill - Fills a pit tile on the map (map tile returns to normal empty-land status)

Build - Builds a barrier tile on the map.

Demolish - Destroys a barrier tile on the map(map tile returns to normal empty-land status)

Swift - Extra X tiles per turn are moved for the whole pod. Cummulative with other shapes' map speed bonuses

Eagle Eye - Map acuity is increased +X for better scouting for the pod.