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The Combo System

The basic concept is that two or more similar shapes can align to perform a more powerfull move than any particular shape could perform by itself. The gives yet another face to pod design. Should a pod consist of more similar shapes which could result in more powerfull effects, or should the basic fleet composition be more varied so as not to leave open any weaknesses?

Each shape has a special or two that it can perform or aid it in its missions. Likewise, each shape has one or two combos that it can perform (strictly in combat) with any other similar shape(s). The effects of combos can be further amplified by more shapes being involved in the move, with dimishing returns.

Let's take an example of how it works now: We have a hypothetical combat being played out between the attacking pod which includes 2 Tetrahedrons, a Block, and a Pyramid versus the defending pod that includes 2 Cubes and a Sphere.

Tetrahedrons, being the smallest, fastest, and most offensive shapes in the game, get first shot because of their high Speed (speed in combat = combat priority). Tetra1 gets to move first and has no combo in its abilities. However, it knows that its "brother" Tetra2 has a particularly deadly combo! So Tetra1 decides to pass its move in order to be included in Tetra2's combo. (NOTE: if a shape has already spent its turn, it cannot execute or be included in combos, so move wisely!). Tetra2 moves next. It sees that Tetra1 still has its "turn ticket" (once you spend your turn ticket for that round, you just have to sit out until the next round starts) and decides to execute its Rage combo. Rage, for the sake of illustration, gives a raw attack bonus to some shapes for X turns, in this case 3. Both Tetras waive their actual attacks this round in favor of getting a better strike the next round (and the two after that).

Towards the end of round 1, the defending side realizes that the Tetras, who were already nasty, have become extraordinarilly powerfull and must be taken out quickly, so they gang up on Tetra1 and it is destroyed leaving a Tetra2 with +50% Force for the next 3 turns.

Round two begins and this time Tetra2 has some serious attack power to weild and nearly polishes off the Sphere in one hit. As the battle goes on, the attacking pod manages a victory in part of the power up combo of the tetras, even though one was killed before it even got a chance to strike. But that is the chance you take!

To reiterate, only similar shapes can combo (spheres with spheres, pyramids with pyramids...). The can only combo if one of the included shapes actually has a combo in its bag of tricks and if all shapes included have not already taken their turn.

Combo List

Here's the preliminary list of combos. These are taken right out of an older design doc and do not necessarily reflect the game in its current design. Also note that many combos reflect an added power to some other "ordinary" shape specials and are much more effective/devastating than a special by itself.

Double Strike - One attack with the combined value of the highest possible attack of two seperate shapes.

Triple Strike - One attack with the combined value of the highest possible attack of three seperate shapes.

Quadra Strike - One attack with the combined value of the highest possible attack of four seperate shapes.

Annihilate - Destroys one enemy outright.

Heal - X% of max HP's are added to all allies.

Blitzkrieg - Adds +X attack to all allies for X turns.

Armor - Defense of all allies is +X for X turns.

Cure - Removes negative status from all allies.

Cancel - No enemies may use specials for X turns.

Dissolve - No enemies may use combos for X turns.

Rapid Fire - Takes two shapes. 4 hits of random attack values of the initiating shape's stats.

Massive Retaliation - All allies have weak version of Retaliation (strikes back automatically when struck).

Vision - All allies +X acuity for X turns

Blindness - All enemies' acuity reduced for X turns

Invisibility - All allies +X opacity for X turns

Disclosure - All enemies' opacity reduced for X turns